Morpheus is an artist/songwriter/producer/engineer born and raised in Philadelphia.  Now living in California, he is able to combine his east coast roots with a west coast feel to create a sound that keeps his audience hungry for more.  He does not apologize for the words he speaks, as his only allegiance is to the truth.  His lyrics are both RED PILL, raw, unedited and sometimes cynical thoughts, feelings and experiences, and BLUE PILL, stories of triumph, love and the like with an easy flow.  Which do you prefer?  You decide . . .

Ms. SongBird aka AzizA is a sing/songwriter and sometimes wanna be engineer, Songbird/ AzizA is the embodiment of acoustic soul with a mix of genres from R&B, acoustic folk, alternative, and even a little country mixed with funk and the occasional hip hop influence..  Check out her flow on the Music page.


215REEK is a born and raised Philadelphia based artist and songwriter.  He is a pure hiphop lyricist who tells the stories of street life and the hustle.  As a writer and rapper, he spits truth that he hopes will reach youth and show there are other ways to go about your life.  His motto is anyone can do anything if you put your mind to it.  Check out his music on Fell4UMusic radio station.

Boy Junior is a born and raised Los Angeles based Hip-Hop Artist/Producer/Engineer. His musical passion and artiste comes from past generations of talented musicians and well-known artists. His lyrical content and message throughout his music hits you right in the soul, because most of us can relate to it. Boy Junior is an artist of true words and portrays his struggle and ambition throughout each song. Make sure to listen to his newest album “Angels vs Demons” on Fell4UMusic Radio Station.

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